3D Tolerances calculation

3D calculation and Analysis with MECAmaster Assembly

MECAmaster for CATIA V5 is a powerful and robust tool able to integrate Product and Process tolerances on a whole assembly and to compute all 3D resulting variations of this assembly with identification of the respective causes.

Requiring very elementary information to work, it is very well adapted since the preliminary phases of the project for a maximum efficiency. In an advanced mode completely associative to the DMU it will be the perfect tool for 3D toleracing identification and design quality control. Its simplicity, speed, and large use spectrum on the project make of MECAmaster an optimal design software.

Key Points

  • Using flexibility
  • Calculation and modelisation speed
  • Robustness
  • Integration/Associativity to the CATIA DMU and to FTA Tolerancing
  • Kinematical connection

An answer for each question

In preliminary phases

Which one of the architecture concepts studied can lead to a better geometrical behaviour, at lower cost ? Which Assembly process can be used (assembly tool ? direct positioning ? ) ? How to design with a functional eye the asesmbly ?
These studies in preliminary phases are fundamentals, because they offer when properly run a gain that has no equivalent in the whole geometrical analysis process.

In theses preliminary phases, two elements are fundamentals :

  1. Be able to run a calculation on a very light model (wireframe, volumes, or even a simple concept sketch … )
  2. Offer a flexible, quick, and easy-handling (modifications, calculations, … ) modelisation to give to the designer a high interactivity to play on all the many parameters available in this concept study phase (location of interfaces, isostatisms, mechanical architecture, … )

MECAmaster Assembly for CATIA V5, thanks to a kinematical modelisation of the interfaces, requires very few information to run these preliminary analyses and is a real interactive tool  for concept design and optimisation to guarantee a good geometrical behaviour of the assembly.

In advanced design phase

Which tolerances and specs are necessary ?

Once the architecture and the assembly process are defined, MECAmaster will give clear information to identifyqualitatively and quantitatively the tolerance needs on each elements. Contrary to the previous phase, the need is here to have a strong linked model whith the DMU to enable automatical updates on geometrical evolutions or tolerance evolutions of the DMU.

Statistical validation, capability analysis

MECAmaster integrates powerful functions of statistical analysis allowing depending on estimated capabilities or even measurement values to validate (or not) the feasibility of the functional conditions while considering the risk incurred (estimated non conformity rates …).

This functionality of measurement values integration will also help when manufacturing the parts to have a better representative model to adjust more precisely the manufacturing process. Finally, thanks to specific exploitations, MECAmaster will give usefull informations on the distribution of the main contributors on the global geometrical quality of the assembly. They are an unquestionable asset for the identification of the data to be integrated into monitoring plans …

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