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MECAmaster Assembly is a Powerful and Robust Solution for 3D variation analysis within an assembly and the identification of the respective causes.

MECAmaster delivers the ability to simulate and analyse on geometrical requirements the final impact of the design choices and of the expected input tolerances on the components.

Based on a numerical model, MECAmaster requires very elementary information to work and is then very well adapted since the preliminary design. Giving the possibility to the designers to experience early in the process the concepts on the table will help them to always keep in mind the final geometrical quality of the product and then to get a Robust Design.

MECAmaster Assembly delivers for examples the ability to :

  • experiment from a previous design the robustness of the assembly architecture …
  • compute the 3D tolerance stack-ups and helps to define components dimensionnal and geometrical tolerances …
  • statistically simulate virtual assemblies to estimate Non-Conformity Rates, etc …
  • Simulate numerically the impact of real measured values before building the real assembly …

The identification of 3D variations, and their respective causes (Input Tolerances, Assembly Architecture … ) helps today many companies to work on a Robust Design.

  • Optimal since solution analysis on preliminary design
  • Full transparent and justified calculations
  • Really high calculation speed even on very large assemblies
  • Real Worst Case and not a simulation extremum
  • Kinematical Evolution on the results

MECAmaster is today available in CATIA V5 and in 3DExperience. From 2019, a new integration in SpaceClaim environment will extend the market coverage.

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