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Mainly composed of Mechanical Engineers, MECAmaster SARL is providing efficient tools to design offices for more than 20 years in its expertise fields of 3D Tolerance (and Loads) Simulations and Analyses.

It controls the whole process from software specification to software deployment having in charge software specification, development, marketing, sales, training, support (…) for a better reactivity. 

The company is independent, with a strong capital, ensuring a full control of its strategy and future evolution and is being supported by major customer references.

MECAmaster is implanted in ECULLY, close to Lyon (one of the top city in France).

Industries – Turnover

MECAmaster turnover is made of License Sales and support (more than 90% of turnover) coming from various industries in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive etc. and also from Engineering and Consulting companies providing services on MECAmaster softwares for third parties.

Aerospace and Defense
Transportation & mobility
Enginnering & Services

MECAmaster has today in charge all marketing and sales process of MECAmaster Softwares. You can get in contact directly with us through the contact page of this site and we will be glad to help you the best we can !

MECAmaster company is focusing on its main activity : developing and saling performant softwares. One step of the saling process being the end-user trainings explains why we want to keep the charge of all the trainings on MECAmaster software to our customers. Feel free to get in touch in case you have any need on this field!

Besides that, MECAmaster company is not providing any commercial consulting / engineering services like case studies etc … We can count nevertheless from our customer panel on competent and experienced engineering companies that may help you if needed 

If you want to share your experience as a customer, an applicant, a software editor that may have sinergies with MECAmaster etc … feel free to get in touch with us so we can exchange on it.