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3DEXPERIENCE platform is the new business platform edited by Dassault Systèmes providing knowledge and software solutions (Apps) for multi-disciplinary purposes, all based and accessible from a single and shareable environment.

MECAmaster has entered since 2013 into a Software Partnership with Dassault Systèmes to port MECAmaster Assembly (Tolerances & Loads) into the 3DExperience Platform.

The product is now available and is the new reference integration for MECAmaster Assembly.

Key Features

3DEXPERIENCE is the key to get access to a full connected world. The focal point for future MECAmaster evolution in 3DExperience is then “Numerical Continuity“. Exchange of tolerancing information between assemblies, sharing information from different worlds (Design, Manufacturing, Control … ) will definitely be the very main benefit of 3DExperience Platform in the future.

Stay informed to discover the future evolutions of MECAmaster Assembly in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform !!

3D Tolerances and 3D Loads functionalities of MECAmaster Assembly are available as an app of 3DEXPERIENCE .

  • 3DEXPERIENCE On Premises and On Cloud are both supported platform
Up to R2020X
  • Mandatory licence pre-requisites are CSV  MDT MKS 
  • Facultative licence pre-requisites are M3D
From R2021X
  • Mandatory licence pre-requisites are CSV  M3K 

MECAmaster for 3DEXPERIENCE is a new product from MECAmaster SARL and will not be delivered automatically to current customer using CATIA V5 integration in the maintenance frame. A special migration offer has been defined for any active customer using MECAmaster for CATIA V5

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