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SpaceClaim, edited by ANSYS, enables anyone to create, edit, or repair quickly geometry coming from a large panel of CAD environment thanks to a powerfull translator.
It's a perfect tool for anyone who needs to work from a DMU or build some DMU easily without having to be a designer.

MECAmaster is today available thanks to the native integration to CATIA product users (V5 or 3DExperience).

SpaceClaim will offer a good alternative to anyone working in an other environment to get access to MECAmaster  powerfull functionnalities.

SpaceClaim integration is today under developement and will be available in 2019. Stay informed !

Key Features

Why using SpaceClaim integration of MECAmaster ? This is the major question here …
This integration has been designed to address 2 main usages

  • provide to non CATIA users a simple “stand-alone” integration of MECAmaster having the possibility to read input geometry from their standard CAD system (NX, Solidworks, etc … )
  • provide a full package tool to anyone in a design office looking for a simple, fast, easy software for pre-design analysis involving Tolerances (or Loads) Simulations.

Thanks to powerfull functions, easy manipulation, and an affordable price, SpaceClaim has been identified as the perfect tool to support MECAmaster functionnalities and extend its market coverage !

Today, no product is commercially available yet. MECAmaster Assembly and Tolsis will get a Spaceclaim integration. 

At start, MECAmaster (and Tolsis) will be delivered as an add-on of SpaceClaim, but depending on the market response for this integration, the possibility to get one single full embedded tool will be studied …

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