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CATIA V5 is a well known and widely used software for Product Design. Edited by Dassault Systèmes, the version V5 is still a reference for product design in major industries and companies.

MECAmaster is providing its simulation tool in CATIA V5 as an automation application for more than 15 years now.

 It is fully connected to CATIA V5, and is still today the most used MECAmaster solution in the world !

Key Features

MECAmaster works within a CATProduct in CATIA V5 and is fully connected to the master Application. The model is built using a simple interface using direct selection of geometrical (and annotations for latest versions) entities and finally stored inside the Assembly Product with all input information.

MECAmaster entities being CATIA V5 entities can benefit from any CATIA V5 interesting features like manipulation, constraints etc . enabling a huge panel of functionnalities (kinematic analysis, quick manipulation for testing concept evolutions without changing the DMU … )

  • 3D Tolerances and 3D Loads functionalities of MECAmaster Assembly are available in CATIA V5
  • Tolsis will as well have a similar interface in CATIA V5

First releases of MECAmaster has been implemented in CATIA V5R9.

Last evolution of MECAmaster is generally covering the last 5 releases of CATIA V5. For previous releases, please contact directly MECAmaster SARL to check which evolution can be proposed.

  • Mandatory licence pre-requisites are MD2 (or HD2)
  • Facultative licence pre-requisites are FT1 / FT2

End of support of CATIA V5 is not on the cards today, MECAmaster will probably always keeps active its CATIA V5 integration even if the development effort will slightly switch from CATIA V5 to 3DExperience.

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